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Jim Horne

Interesting 1988 article from David's blog called "Puzzle Makers Exchange Cross Words"


have just come across this and am in an autslboe state of rapture! thank you so very much! someone has even provided the date to the harry potter crossword i was looking for- how thoughtful! your website was mentioned at the DA talk at the wheeler centre last night- i wanted to ask if there was an archive of his crosswords, but it seemed like such a mundane question am stoked to have been able to find it. p.s. i don't suppose anyone has managed to find the cloudstreet crossword, have they? i seem to recall it was around the same time as harry potter- will have a dig through and post the date. from one very happy gal!


Thanks Julie! I love crosswords and am glad to have the links to all of these. I do the one on yahoo games evedyray. They have a regular and master level too. The regular lets you know when the letter is incorrect. I also do a Sudoku and Word Search (Word Roundup) from there. There are two different crosswords: The Daily Crossword and The Daily Crossword with Hints.I don't The Daily Crossword with Hints as well as the first, but that's just my opinion. I either do these first thing in the morning or in the afternoon when I need a break. I think doing the different types keeps my brain active and gets rid of any sluggishness I'm feeling.


Found it! The Premiers Crossword (2004/05/14)Also The First Palindromes Crossword (04/06/2004); The Latham vs Howard Crossword (08/10/2004); The If You Want to Make an Omelette Crossword (17/06/2005); The Canine Crossword (16/09/2005); The Card Game Crossword (21/10/2005); The Harry Potter Crossword (21/01/2006); The Dinosaur Crossword (19/05/2006); The Animated Feature Crossword ( 06/10/2006); The Peter Allen Crossword (17/11/2006); and The Snooker Crossword (08/12/2006).Mr Zimmerman still eluding me.

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