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Cyn Morris

So wait, let me get this straight. Acrostics are harder to construct than an electric car, I don't get paid for them, and I don't even have 6,000 battery-less laptops that I can sell on Craig's List when I'm finished. Wow, did I ever choose the wrong addiction....


I LOVE acrostics, far more satisfying than a car. But the transfer from clues to the grid can be pretty tedious so I'm glad to hear there are some more challenging puzzles available online (although I think Cynthia Morris should try her hand at Irish history - far more exciting!)

Cyn Morris

Hmmm, Eire Acrostics. I can do that!


Electric Cars and Acrostics... How about equipping the historically oriented acrostic constructor with a DeLorean flux capacitor so she can capture quotes from the future? That way we'll never run out of acrostics!


I would probably have more success with the electric car! I am in awe of any and all wordsmiths! Especially those who can create these puzzles!! This is very interesting to me!!

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