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Jim Horne

Interesting 1988 article from David's blog called "Puzzle Makers Exchange Cross Words" http://nyti.ms/T2iviI


have just come across this and am in an autslboe state of rapture! thank you so very much! someone has even provided the date to the harry potter crossword i was looking for- how thoughtful! your website was mentioned at the DA talk at the wheeler centre last night- i wanted to ask if there was an archive of his crosswords, but it seemed like such a mundane question am stoked to have been able to find it. p.s. i don't suppose anyone has managed to find the cloudstreet crossword, have they? i seem to recall it was around the same time as harry potter- will have a dig through and post the date. from one very happy gal!


Thanks Julie! I love crosswords and am glad to have the links to all of these. I do the one on yahoo games evedyray. They have a regular and master level too. The regular lets you know when the letter is incorrect. I also do a Sudoku and Word Search (Word Roundup) from there. There are two different crosswords: The Daily Crossword and The Daily Crossword with Hints.I don't The Daily Crossword with Hints as well as the first, but that's just my opinion. I either do these first thing in the morning or in the afternoon when I need a break. I think doing the different types keeps my brain active and gets rid of any sluggishness I'm feeling.


Found it! The Premiers Crossword (2004/05/14)Also The First Palindromes Crossword (04/06/2004); The Latham vs Howard Crossword (08/10/2004); The If You Want to Make an Omelette Crossword (17/06/2005); The Canine Crossword (16/09/2005); The Card Game Crossword (21/10/2005); The Harry Potter Crossword (21/01/2006); The Dinosaur Crossword (19/05/2006); The Animated Feature Crossword ( 06/10/2006); The Peter Allen Crossword (17/11/2006); and The Snooker Crossword (08/12/2006).Mr Zimmerman still eluding me.

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