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john farmer

Only got 3. I don't know how Eugene would have survived in the age of xword blogging. I'll be interested to see this kind of comparison looks when the project gets deeper into the archives with Weng and Farrar puzzles.

I'm surprised the "Poison" brothers, Paul and Lloyd, haven't shown up since 1993. I don't think they're obscure. They were big names in their time, and the answer to the trivia question, Who were the only brothers inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?* We saw Turkey STEARNES in a puzzle not long ago, and I think if anyone needed to use WANER it would be okay, especially late in the week.

* If the question is spoken, extra credit if you remember 19th-century slugger Dan Brouthers.

Will Shortz

I got 7 right!

I guess I've done my share of old crosswords.

-- Will Shortz

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