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Barry Franklin


I, for uno, feel very indebted to you. Great work.


Anne E

I loved the old version, and I love the new version, and it doesn't hurt that both you and Jeff are two of the most intelligent, thoughtful, likable people in the crossword world (and probably in the rest of the world as well). I hope you continue to post here more regularly than you have been, now that none of this is "work" any more (still rejecting "anymore", you see).

Peter A. Collins


We constructors are forever indebted to you for your invention. And I agree that Jeff is taking it to another level.

Wonderful work, gentlemen.

- Pete

Todd Gross

Jim (and Jeff):

Having tried my hand at creating a crossword blog, and getting burned out surprisingly quickly, I very much appreciate your work in creating and maintaining this well-run window to the NYT crossword.

And I'm very much grateful to Jeff for keeping the site going and adding all those constructive comments. I look forward to adding some of my own in the not too distant future.


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